Day 1 of filming Body Keepers

We all met but mother nature decided to postpone our project just a bit by bringing some rain.
The rain stopped, the sun emerged, and our day began.
Of course we all had to get together to take a photo for this historic day (except Spencer who took the photo).
Paul, the director, talks to the actors getting them relaxed and at ease with their feature film debut.
And we could not forget to include the creator of this project, Ronda.
Ronda, an experienced actor, gives some last minute advice to the young talent.
Then the actors get a few pointers from the stunt coordinator.
Meanwhile, other crew members get the Red camera ready for action.
Everyone gets positioned into the bed of the pickup truck for the shooting of the first scene.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND ACTION!!! The first shot of the movie begins.
and they are off...
For the next take, they all cram into the back seat of a vehicle.
A shot from the front of the vehicle.
Waiting for them to return...
The star of the next scene arrives.
Audrey in hair and makeup. This is one of the best salons around. ;)
Rex is meditating before his big scene.
The crew discussed the Audrey/Rex scene.
Audrey goes over her lines one last time before her big scene.
After a very long night, we are all pooped.